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Energy Assessment
Energy Performance Certificate Quote

To obtain an Engergy Performance Certificate (EPC) quotation from us please complete the form below and click the 'Request Quote' button to submit the form to us. Alternatively you can click here to obtain a pdf version of the quote (opens in a new window)

If you are experiencing any difficulty with any of the options on this page please refer to our help page

Commercial EPC Quotation Data
Date Required:
Requested by:
Contact name:
Contact telephone:
Contact email:
Property details:
Property address
Property postcode
Site Contact name:
Site Contact telephone:
Site email:
Additional property details:
Please list all activities undertaken in the building (eg offices, retail, workshop etc):
What is the gross internal area of the building (m2):
What is the year of construction of the property - please include all construction years if extensions have been added.
How is the property situated? Please indicate all relevant. Detached
Mid terrace
Mid storey
How many levels does the building have? Please indicate all relevant.
Basement 2nd
Ground 3rd
1st Occupied roof
How many separate rooms & spaces are there in the building:
  0-10   50-75
  10-25   75-100
  25-50   100+
Are there electronic Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) plans available: DWG
What description best describes the propertiesí services. Please include all relevant from list
  Heating only   Split air conditioning units
  Heating and ventilation   Full air conditioning
(ventilation means ducted systems with central air handling plant
not local wall fans)
Do you require:   Certificate to comply with legislation
  Certificate for best rating possible
A certificate to comply with legislation utilises default settings and is a cheaper option.
A more in depth survey and additional investigations can provide an optimum rating and improved market value.
Are scaled or dimensioned plans of the building available:
Please provide any other information you feel may be relevant